It’s released

Different Times is now available for Streaming and Download on Bandcamp

Finally, “Different Times” made it to Bandcamp. 60 minutes of <dE/mutE>.

Share and enjoy!

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Different Times

2020 gave us a completely new experience: a pandemic situation that led to lockdowns, lockouts and very little creativity. After working at home for about 4 months I finally made it into the studio and started to experiment with different things, I was invited to play on a birthday party which was postponed three times and was completely out of normal.

A long hiatus followed.

Then, at the end of 2020, I tried to record stuff, listened to it and threw it away, started all over again and… went back into hiatus.

During 2021, nothing much happened. Then, late 2021, I finally thought it was about time and reviewed what I did over the last 20 months. That helped: I had the feeling nothing I did was really good – So started all over. And finally I had the feeling I could do something good and useful. So, “Different Times” came onto my recording hard disc. 4 quite long tracks, one Jam with Ina on Mandola, one long-form track… I finally had fun again.

Out came “Different Times”. Joe did a really great cover for it and it will be ready for release on March 11, 2022 on Bandcamp, as usual. Head over to Bandcamp and have a listen, download, if you like it spend some € on it and share it!


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Rotes Moor

Another travel. This is a couple of years old but fits perfectly into the current season. Red Moor, a strange, mystic landscape. Lots of field recordings of sheep

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