Jigsawed (2014/2015)

Mid-2014 Mary Urbach, former singer of the Neofolk band Pilori, asked me to help her mixing and mastering her India influenced CD “Zindagi“. I couldn’t resist the honor, so we started to work on it.

During the intensive and challenging work on Zindagi we noticed that it might be a good idea to combine Mary’s voice and musical ideas with my drones and noises. So we started to write and improvise some ideas. The first people listening to these snippets liked them, so we decided to put them on a CD.

Again, working on the recordings was challenging. After nearly a year, Jigsawed was finished and burned on CD. Only two performances happened during a living room concert in June 2015 and supporting Soriah at “Das Bett” in Frankfurt.

Thanks to Tim Berghoff for his great pictures and Bettina Pudmensky for arranging them to a great CD Cover

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