It’s released

Different Times is now available for Streaming and Download on Bandcamp

Finally, “Different Times” made it to Bandcamp. 60 minutes of <dE/mutE>.

Share and enjoy!

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Different Times

2020 gave us a completely new experience: a pandemic situation that led to lockdowns, lockouts and very little creativity. After working at home for about 4 months I finally made it into the studio and started to experiment with different things, I was invited to play on a birthday party which was postponed three times and was completely out of normal.

A long hiatus followed.

Then, at the end of 2020, I tried to record stuff, listened to it and threw it away, started all over again and… went back into hiatus.

During 2021, nothing much happened. Then, late 2021, I finally thought it was about time and reviewed what I did over the last 20 months. That helped: I had the feeling nothing I did was really good – So started all over. And finally I had the feeling I could do something good and useful. So, “Different Times” came onto my recording hard disc. 4 quite long tracks, one Jam with Ina on Mandola, one long-form track… I finally had fun again.

Out came “Different Times”. Joe did a really great cover for it and it will be ready for release on March 11, 2022 on Bandcamp, as usual. Head over to Bandcamp and have a listen, download, if you like it spend some € on it and share it!


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Rotes Moor

Another travel. This is a couple of years old but fits perfectly into the current season. Red Moor, a strange, mystic landscape. Lots of field recordings of sheep


We went on a short holiday to Brocken, expecting lush landscapes and wind. What we found was dead trees, large areas of what was once forest We went up to Brocken in a steam train and learned a lot about the history of the place. It once was a soviet military station, restricted area for the people around. And it’s a mystical place, where witches met for esbat. When the Soviet Union ended and the GDR was no longer, the area became a national park. Climate change and drought make it a very depressing area… I was able to shoot some pictures and short videos with my smartphone, which I used for this Video.

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4 Miniatures

When Simona Turini asked me to work with a bunch of very short texts, I had to think about short form tracks. Which is quite hard for someone who likes epic, slowly evolving stuff. The first result was “4 Miniatures”. Joe Bulla asked to create a video for it (which I of course liked a lot) and made a great Space Ambient video of these 4 little snippets. Thanks a lot!

Get it at Oskar’s Music

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When I heard that Joel Vandroogenbroeck died, I sat down and listened to Brainticket (I sometimes do that when someone has a special birthday or dies or so, listen to stuff that means something to me and remembering concerts, meetings,…). This time, there were hardly any common memories: No one really understood my fascination for Brainticket at the time. So nobody shared my memories… A few days later, I found the sound of a really cheesy, percussive organ in my old Wavestation, so I fiddled around with it and recorded “Memories nobody shares”. I am fully aware that it does not reach the technical level of Vandroogenbroeck’s organ and it can’t do what his playing did for Brainticket. It’s just my way of remembering his music.

Joe Bulla of Thanathan Media made a great psycheledic video to it!

Get the Digital Track here

Watch the Video here

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After the storm

What a freaky weekend! Darkstream Festival must have been the biggest Streaming Event I have ever experienced. 4 full days of streaming, commented live from Moritzbastei Leipzig, with a lot of people organizing, commenting, helping, lots of great videos and panels. It was big time! Thanks heaps for organizing something like that!

On Sunday afternoon, our little video was shown and people seemed to like it. We are very proud 🙂 It was great to have the opportunity to show what we’re doing. 

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

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Darkstream Festival 2020

Dark Stream Festival


As we all know, all festivals are canceled this year. So is WGT in Leipzig 

A group of people around Leipzig-based author David Gray and writer M. Kruppe (and a lot of other people, of course) decided to organize a huge streaming ecent. They called for videos and a lot of bands, authors and artists agreed to take part, without any compensation, with exclusive videos or live recordings. 

So, Darkstream Festival was born. 

I was really thrilled when Simona Turini, partner in arts and KALENDARIUM mastermind, asked me to reboot the cooperation, and of course I was more than ready to do so. 

Soon we found Joe Bulla (Thanathan Media), a young video artist who did quite a lot of videos for <dE/mutE> – Tracks. 

Two of Simonas short texts plus one <dE/mutE> -Track were illustrated by Joe’s irritating psychedelic visuals. 

They will be on YouTube as soon as the Festival’s over!

It’s great to be able to take part in such a big event. We’re really looking forward to it!

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