words (2014)

While the idea of “words” was to use quotes that I found impressive, it improved to something different: I sent some of the quotes to other people and asked them to make some music following these quotes. Warszawa, Psychepoppet, Mary Urbach, N.Fra and Tim Berghoff answered my calls and I sent different quotes that I found impressive to them. So, “words” became a collaboration with lots of very different musical approaches. Warszawa’s analog sequences, Mary Urbach’s angelic voice, N.Fra and his harsh noises and last but not least Tim Berghoff’s great spoken word voice.

While doing the soundcheck for “I will show you fear” with Tim Berghoff, he read Shelley’s “Ozymandias” and I improvised some drone like noises to it, which resulted in the Intro to the CD.

Thanks to all for the great contributions! I really enjoyed working with you and I think the result is quite impressive!

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