Kalendarium (2014/2015)

Exactly how Kalendarium came into this world nobody really remembers. Simona Turini, friend for decades and Sister in Arts heard about my idea to do something like a calendar of 12 tracks, one for each month. She listened to the first version of “October” and had the idea of reading some of her prose to it. We practiced a lot, Simona wrote some short stories especially for Kalendarium and I mostly improvised noises and music.

Then, the idea came up to do a multimedia show. So I.L. started to collect pictures and small videos to illustrate the stories. So, Kalendarium came to live.

The whole project was a live-only thing. We did a couple of performances with Simona reading, I.L. mixing the videos and me playing. An attempt to ban the whole thing on a DVD wasn’t successful as the atmosphere of the performance could not be reproduced.

After playing some living room concerts and three larger performances at Peng! (Mainz), Koop (Taunusstein) and esc-space (Wiesbaden) Kalendarium went into hiatus.

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