When I heard that Joel Vandroogenbroeck died, I sat down and listened to Brainticket (I sometimes do that when someone has a special birthday or dies or so, listen to stuff that means something to me and remembering concerts, meetings,…). This time, there were hardly any common memories: No one really understood my fascination for Brainticket at the time. So nobody shared my memories… A few days later, I found the sound of a really cheesy, percussive organ in my old Wavestation, so I fiddled around with it and recorded “Memories nobody shares”. I am fully aware that it does not reach the technical level of Vandroogenbroeck’s organ and it can’t do what his playing did for Brainticket. It’s just my way of remembering his music.

Joe Bulla of Thanathan Media made a great psycheledic video to it!

Get the Digital Track here

Watch the Video here

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