Darkstream Festival 2020

Dark Stream Festival


As we all know, all festivals are canceled this year. So is WGT in LeipzigĀ 

A group of people around Leipzig-based author David Gray and writer M. Kruppe (and a lot of other people, of course) decided to organize a huge streaming ecent. They called for videos and a lot of bands, authors and artists agreed to take part, without any compensation, with exclusive videos or live recordings. 

So, Darkstream Festival was born. 

I was really thrilled when Simona Turini, partner in arts and KALENDARIUM mastermind, asked me to reboot the cooperation, and of course I was more than ready to do so. 

Soon we found Joe Bulla (Thanathan Media), a young video artist who did quite a lot of videos for <dE/mutE> – Tracks. 

Two of Simonas short texts plus one <dE/mutE> -Track were illustrated by Joe’s irritating psychedelic visuals. 

They will be on YouTube as soon as the Festival’s over!

It’s great to be able to take part in such a big event. We’re really looking forward to it!

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